STD Symptoms

STD symptoms and fotos?

Where is a good website where can I see some good pictures of STD symptoms? I need to see sites that have pictures of real good examples. Thanks.


How long after sex will STD symptoms appear?

I had sex with an escort on Friday night. She gave me oral sex and then we had intercourse. I wore a condom the entire time, for both oral and vaginal sex. I got tested yesterday via blood test for Herpes 1 and 2, Syphillis, and Chlamydia. I got negative results for both. I went back to the clinic today and got a visual exam (doctor inspected penis/genitals), took a urine test, another blood test, and a rapid HIV test. HIV results were negative, Doctor saw nothing looking at my genitals, and I get the other results back in 2 weeks.

I know HIV takes 3 months to generate antibodies for a positive. Seeing as I only got tested just 3 days after the sex, how long before symptoms would appear on me, i.e. warts or herpes. I will get tested again in 3 months, but if I show no signs of warts, growths, or pain while urinating, can I assume after 2 weeks and my test results that I am clean?


it depends on the type of STI, but it is generally anywhere from about a week up to six months after infection (if you have symptoms at all). so it would be a good idea to go back in a month or so to get tested again–there is no way that infection would be detectable within a few days. also, hiv antibodies can take as long as six months to be detectable, so i would recomend waiting that long.

and hey, i think you realise this, but don’t have sex with a prostitute! (though luckily both she and you were smart enough to use a condom)

When they say penis discharge for symptoms of std’s, what kind of discharge is it?

Is it supposed to be a different color, sticky not sticky, pee, etc. I think I’m bugging out because I just had sex without using a condom a day ago, which of course is the first time I ever had sex, so I’m freaking out a bit. I think I’m just seeing everything as a symptom but anyone can help me out? Also, is UTI considered a STD? About to get tested for everything.


There are no STD’s which show symptoms within a day. Calm down.

For men, most symptoms are urinary…a burning or irritation when peeing, possibly some itching, and a discharge definitely does not look like urine. It’s usually milky white, and it will come out at times that you are not urinating.

Many men display no symptoms at all even when they have an STD, so it is definitely a good idea to get tested.

UTI’s are not sexually transmitted. If you had a UTI, you would feel as if you had to pee very frequently (almost constantly) and there might possibly be a little blood in the urine.

In the future, only have unprotected sex when you are in a committed, exclusive relationship with someone you can trust, and only after you have both been tested. Even then, there are no guarantees, because testing is not 100% accurate and people have been known to be unfaithful.

How quick can STD symptoms show themselves?

Can you begin to feel symptoms the first day after a sexual encounter?


i doubt it but if you are worried get it checked. Most std’s have no symptoms. and are cureable with an antibotic but can be deadly if not treated. so if you have any reason to think you could have caught something get checked for it

How soon after sexual intercourse can one develop std’s symptoms??


It really depends on the sti/std.

Chlamydia and Gonorrhea:

(If they use NAAT testing, like DNA PCR, you can be tested 48 hours after exposure). Usually by two weeks you should have a conclusive test.

HIV: By 20 days, 75% will have a conclusive test. At 3 months, 99% will have a conclusive test – many people though will test at the 6 month mark for a peace of mind.

HSV-1/HSV-2: You will have a conclusive test at the 3 – 4 month mark after exposure.

Syphilis: I have heard you should have a conclusive test within 2- 4 weeks after the exposure.

Most sti/std’s have an incubation period where your body begins to build the antigens/antibodies to fight off infection. That is why there is a slight waiting period to allow your body to build them up.

As for Symptoms:

Alot of sti/std’s are asymptomatic (meaning no symptoms) and because of this, it is always best to be tested when you think you are at risk.

Chlamydia and Gonorrhea mostly do not show any symptoms, but may include foul discharge (in color and odor), abdomenal pains, etc.

Syphilis is the same, you may not have any symptoms but you could have an outbreak of one to a few sores, which will go away and then possible a rash.

HIV, you could have acute symptoms at the 2-4 week mark after exposure, but they resemble symptoms like the common cold/flu. After that, you may not experience any symptoms up to many years (latter of 10 years).

Good Luck

Did i possibly contract HIV / some other STD ?

had unprotected vaginal sex with a woman 18days ago.afterwards she said she regularly had unprotected sex.6days later i ate@a restaurant, 9pm i was nauseous.wasn’t able 2 sleep&had 2 run to the toilet 2 throw up a couple of times.felt really weak,as if i was going 2 faint on my way from the bedroom 2 the toilet.i felt better after having thrown up and managed 2 fall asleep eventually,though i was experiencing feverish sweats.the next day i stayed in that point i just blamed the restaurant,assuming they served me a bad dish,especially since it’s very uncommon 4 me 2 get sick,always had good health,hadn’t vomited in 15years.up till now i haven’t felt like eating much.sometimes i feel hungry but feel like i can’t eat much,otherwise i’ll throw up(that’s how it feels at least,didn’t throw up anymore)&my digestion is troubled,sometimes resulting in low bellyaches.i’m tired&feel like peeing all the time.liqu
ids run straight through me.did i possibly contract HIV / some other STD?


it probably wasn’t from the sex. you probably caught a bug from the restaurant or the food. food poisoning is what it sounds like to me. try to drink plenty of liquids and eat bread or crackers to settle your stomach. it will pass, if not go to the doctor and get checked out.

What are the symptoms of any STD(sexual transmitted disease )?

Im not sure what any of the symptoms are. It would be wonderful if you could tell me some sites that can help me. I don’t think i have anything because I’m not sexually active yet but i would rather be safe then sorry! thanks alot!


Try the center for disease control, or,… Keep in mind that the majority of people who get STDs have no symptoms, so once you become sexually active, get tested regularly.

Are these symptoms of Std’s?

About a year ago i had unprotected sex. Since then i’ve been stressing, thinking i may have caught some std since i didn’t really know the girl.

For about 2 & a-half months i’ve had what looks like brown marks or some kind of rash on my knuckles and also red,flaky,dry skin around my armpits.

I’ve also had nasal congestion (stuffy, runny nose) for a couple months now, it hasn’t been too bad but i always have to spit out mucus.

Also, when i run or do any type of cardio excercise i will break out in hives(all over my body; arms,neck,chest,face,thighs, shins) about 5-10 minutes after doing so.

Since i’m in college and pretty much poor i havent been able to see a dr.

any input on what these symptoms may be?


Hey lad, stop worrying. relax. it could get worse if you keep on thinking so negatively. STD symptoms in males usually present as abnormal penile discharges and not some hives or allergic reactions that you may be actually suffering from. it is normal to have allergic reactions when overly stressed, rashes may appear especially after a heavy or strenuous activity. The mucosal discharges on your nose may just be symptoms of upper respiratory infection or allergic rhinitis. I suggest you drink plenty of water everyday to rejuvenate your skin. Take some antihistamines or any over the counter colds treatment and relax, okay??? the rashes will go away in no time. And be careful next time you shag a girl, if you cant control your urges, at least wear some protection to ease up your mind after doing it.

be cool.

How soon after sex do you start to feel STD symptoms?

how noticable are they at first ( do they start not that noticable and get stronger?)


Some STDs you will not have symptoms

Then some symptoms maybe 2-30 days(Gonorrhea)

7 days to 6 months (Molluscum Contagiosum)

10-90 days (syphilis)

3 weeks-9 months (Genital Warts/ Condyloma, HPV)

4-28 days (Trichomoniasis “Trich”)

So as you can see it varies.*

Would you assume you had an STD?

I had sex with a man. It was unprotected sex. I am in no danger of getting pregnant since my tubes are tied… so I through caution to the wind.

Now I wonder if I can have an STD and not even know it. . . Would you make an appointment with your GYN for a STD check? How long after sex before an STD would show up as positive? If you go too early can you get a false negative?


It’s possible. I have HPV, and I have absolutely NO symptoms. The only way I found out was at my annual pap exam. You sound worried, so for your own good, just schedule an exam, and pick up some condoms, to prevent any future freakouts.


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