Precautions during pregnancy

Precautions during pregnancy.?

Hello everyone,

After going through HCG test, it is discovered that my wife is pregnant after 5 months of our marriage. Nowadays she is feeling sick i.e. vompting, lactation, high body temprature and depression. . we are also visiting our doctor and at our every visit, they change their opinion. can anyone advise in the better way.

Answer :

See a midwife. Vomiting is very normal even until 5months along or so. I would be worried about the high bodie temp but some women’s metabolism increases so much they are just warmer. Depression is normal but only to an extent. Seek a pregnancy counseling specialist. also remember that your wifes hormones are crazy right now and that can throw her moods.

I am suprised she is lactating already. that is VERY weird in my personal experience.

try not to worry, pamper your moodie wife, and make her feel like more of a woman now that she carries you child.

good luck to you both

What are the precautions which one should take during pregnancy..I am 6 weeks pregnant so?

what do you think should be the precautions i know it depends on the pregnancy but i just want to know the general precautions which one has to take during pregnancy..

Answer :

Well as far as eating goes, don’t eat any raw meat. Any steak or anything needs to be cooked well. Also dont’ eat any soft cheese or blue cheese, because these can set up infections in the body.

You dont’ want to over excert yourself. I mean, don’t go running miles or anything. Walking is great. Don’t do much more than you did when you were not pregnant.

Don’t lift more than 25 lbs. My doctor told me this one. I used to lift 50 lb bags of feed for my farm animals all the time, so I thought it would me no big deal, but she said absolutly not.

As far as sex goes, don’t let anything unnatural go up inside of you. I mean like viberators. They can really hurt the baby.

Also, Dont smoke, or be around people that smoke, or be around harmful chemicals. Obviously don’t do any drugs. Drinking is a topic of discusion. Some doctors say it’s ok for a glass a day of wine at supper. Some say no. I dont’ know about you, but I’m not taking a change with the life of my baby.

They all say no hard liquar.

Good Luck

What precautions should you take during the early stages of pregnancy—–1 1/2 mths.?

Is travelling by rickshaw or lifting loads safe during the period.

Answer :

lifting heavy objects is not recommended during pregnancy in the first weeks of pregnancy there is a greater chance of miscarriage if you practice high risk activities. so no heavy lifting.

Precautions in pregnancy during eclipses?

Answer :

In India, there are a lot of beliefs regarding precautions that need to be taken during pregnancy. However, till date there is no scientific base for any of them. They are just myths. Doctors do not advice any additional precautions! The pregnant lady only needs to take sufficient nutritional food and some physical exercise.

What precautions did you take before flying while pregnant?

I will be flying, a total of a 3 hour flight with a lay over in between, at 27 weeks along. I have already checked with the Airline, South West and they do not restrict air travel during pregnancy until 38 weeks at which time you will need a letter from your Dr. So, as far as their policy I am in good shape, anything else you did to prepare?

Answer :

Snacks! I flew about the same time you did on a seven hour flight to california from new york. Be prepared for lots of nervous “She’s going to deliver on our flight” looks! Hah! I also brought some pain relivier, sitting on that flight for so long with swollen feet and your big pregnant butt smushed into a chair gets a little painful. All in all your flight is short so don’t be too concerned!

Precautions during waiting to transfer for IVF?

Any precautions or advice during waiting to transfer for IVF? I have a relative who is about to have IVF and wanted to give her some notes from others who also had IVF.

Answer :

The doctors will give her all of the do’s and don’ts . . . so I will skip that! We completed a successful IVF cycle in January 2008 – here is my advice:

1) Don’t read into everything such as symptoms during the wait. My symptoms were just like PMS – bloating from a bit of ovarian hyper-stimulation, some cramping and I had a very faint spot of blood on the day that we went for the blood test – I really did think that like all of the previous IUIs . . . we had failed. Imagine my surprise when we got the positive results!

2) Do what you can to laugh – DH and I would walk around the house yelling “STICK” at my abdomen . . . it lightened up the wait time.

3) Try not to get hung up on testing early – if you get a negative because it will be too early you’ll swing between disappointment and wondering if it is accurate. Try to wait it out.

4) RELAXATION – this is key- take it easy and pamper yourself. This is an individual choice – I would meditate (you can find great guided meditations to download from I-Tunes), did acupuncture, read chick-lit, watched TV, wrote in my journal and snuggled with my husband.

Ladies only.What is the best lovemaking position during pregnancy???

What is the best lovemaking position ( in terms of pleasure for ladies) during pregnancy??? Is it really harmless to make love during this time?

Some positions get more difficult as the pregnancy progresses, so plaese tell me detailed answer for didderent positions for 1-3 months , 4-6 months & 7-9 months pregnancy….

Answer :

For the first 6-7 months it didnt bother me and my husband, nothing changed other than I wasn’t quite as flexible. After that my comfort and pleasure both became an issue. For us the best was me laying on my side with my top leg laying over him while he was behind me, or on my hands and knees with a couple of pillows under my stomach to support it. If you lay on your back when you’re big on the bed while he stands up or kneels, that’s good too if it’s a quicky, after 5 months you shouldn’t be on your back very long, it cuts off circulation to you and the baby and could cause you to pass out. Good luck!

What are the precautions to avoid pregnancy apart from using pills or condoms.?

Answer :

No bouncy bouncy

Sex during pregnancy?

I want to sex my wife in pregnancy period

Answer :

As long as her pregnancy isn’t a high-risk pregnancy, you two should be able to do it whenever you feel like it. Just keep in mind that when she gets bigger, you’ll need to find positions that are comfortable for her, so she’ll be able to breathe! My husband and I had that problem until I told him flat out what positions were preferable.

What precautions should be taken during 6 weeks pregnancy?

I am a working lady. Should I continue to go out, I have lower abdomen crampings, back pains & nausea if I go out. What is the remedy?

Answer :

I actually just read that sometimes just slowing your pace down instead of rushing will help alleviate some of the “morning sickness” feeling. Maybe when we rush our body interprets this as anxiety or stress and creates more stomach acid which makes us feel more nauseous.

Slow down, carry melba toast or crackers.

The good news is that it is temporary for most woman and gets much better or disappears after the first trimester.

What precautions should be taken during 6 weeks pregnancy?

I am a working lady. Should I continue to go out, I have lower abdomen crampings, back pains & nausea if I go out. What is the remedy?

Answer :

I actually just read that sometimes just slowing your pace down instead of rushing will help alleviate some of the “morning sickness” feeling. Maybe when we rush our body interprets this as anxiety or stress and creates more stomach acid which makes us feel more nauseous.

Slow down, carry melba toast or crackers.

The good news is that it is temporary for most woman and gets much better or disappears after the first trimester.

What precautions i need to take to prevent pre-eclampcia?

im 20weeks pregnant. i had severe PE in my last pregnancy. that time unfortunaterly i lost my baby around 26weeks. after 3 years im pregnant now. i think this is the time to get PE again. i praying…hopefully i wont get. im taking aspirin and all. but the doctor said, no 100% guarentee for this. what i need to do for my baby?

Answer :

I am so sorry for your previous loss! My heart goes out to you! What a precious little one and big loss!

There is a great website that I am going to link you at the bottom of this message – it is the website of the late Dr. Brewer. He conducted a study which turned out fascinating results: when he applied a specific diet to pregnant women, it completely anhilated all incidences of pre-E and E in the group.

He has a book if you are interested in reading the medical literature and writings on it. It is called “Metabolic Toxemia of Late Pregnancy”. It is a tough read, though, and I recommend simply going to the website and reading the ‘layman’s version’.

In addition, to help with tracking your intake and diet, I am linking you the site on the Bradley website, which applies the Brewer pregnancy diet – there is an option to click on a link that brings you to an Excel spreadsheet that you can save on your puter and record your diet.

Let me know if you want more information. PM or email me.

What precautions should be taken care during the preganancy from first day to delivery.?

please answer, in detail, that what precaution to take care in 1st month, 2nd month and so on till delivery. What to eat, what to do or not, etc.

Answer :

During pregnancy care should be taken for keeping good health because it involves both mother and stillborn. Medical checkups every month is a must and act according to the doctor’s advise.

I want to know tha treatment and precautions for headache and migraine?

im sufferin in severe migraine. i took many treatements. but ,still im suffering. i want to know the best treatments for migraine i need ur advice. that will help me to cure

Answer :

You made no mention of what the treatments were. Other than they were not effective.If you have not been to see a doctor of Chiropractic, you have missed the boat. Is one of their specialties.

Not supposed to have galvanic electrolysis during pregnancy???

My electrolysist told me it was fine and now I’m worried I’ve fried my baby. Supposedly thermolysis is fine but not galvanic. What should I do? I went last week. I called my dad (a doctor) and randomly told him I had an appointment and he gave me a big lecture about how I’m not supposed to be getting that. I am so mad!

Answer :

Before you do things like that you should always ask your doctor, not the guy performing it, he just wants your money. You should talk to your doctor, not the people on here. Especially if you feel you have “fried” your baby…

Shall i travel in train during pregnancy for 12 hours?

iam carrying 6 months. shall i travel in train.

Answer :

Dear Priya,

Compared to other modes of travel, train is the best, provided you book your seat/berth in advance. Please ask for a lower berth. Please extend your legs on the seat or keep it in elevated posture so that you will not have swelling on the leg. Also, keep moving within the compartment so that you can relax a bit. Avoid eating deep fried items. Instead eat good fruits, homemade food and drinks. Read some nice books or journals to make your travel a pleasure.

Also, please remember to keep your medicines handy and contact telephone numbers of your doctor, hospitals en route etc so that in case of emergency you can reach them fast.


Is “GALLSTONES” during pregnancy really bad?

I found out yesterday the I have a lot of little gallstones, thats what has been causing me pain! How serious is this, should I not worry? Is there food I shouldn’t eat, or things I shouldn’t do? Will this affect my baby? I am 12 wks pregnant, and my next O.B. visit isn’t until the 10th. Should I be seen sooner if the pain is bothering me?

Answer :

No gallstones are okay during pregnancy but they always hurt! Try cutting back on greasy foods. Good luck.

What are the precautions to take after intercourse?

i am married for six years yet nochild can you plz tell me what are the precautions to take after intercourse to conceive fast

Answer :

Stay in bed with your hips elevated on a pillow for 20 minutes after having sex.

Whats the best antibiotic to treat recurrent enterococcus infection?

Answer :

Have you been given vancomycin? If you have you should try teicoplanin or vice versa. After that I don’t know. It’s a bacterial infection form bacteria in the gut so perhaps also establishing good gut flora might be worth trying since antibiotics can destroy useful bacteria in the gut.

What to take precautions after sex to be taken to prevent pregnancy ?

Yesterday night it was an accident we didn;t had any precautions and did the sex. I want the suggestions to prevent the pregnancy.

Answer :

Go to Rite-Aid and buy the morning after pill. You have to be 18 or older to buy it so have your ID with you.

After that go to the health department and get on FREE birth control. They can give you the pills or the shot plus free condoms.

ADD: If you have had unprotected sexual intercourse in the last couple of days, emergency contraception can help to prevent pregnancy, provided that you take the emergency contraception within 120 hours (5 days) after intercourse. Call the toll free help line at 1-800-600-6586 for more information.

I got this off of the internet and saved it to a question i answered a long time ago therefore i do not recall the website’s name or link.

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